Star Wars Miniatures:
Other Compatible Figures

Some alternative miniatures
Top row: WEG/Star Wars Jawa, Micromachines Jawa (standing on two extra washers), Ral Partha/Shadowrun woman with rifle and grenade (from pack 20-516 "Mercs & Bouncers," rifle slightly converted), Ral Partha/Battletech "Marik Dropship Captain" (20-963), WEG/Shatterzone "Veteran Mercenary - Male" (SZR-3), WEG/SW Rebel officer.
Bottom row: WEG/SW Wookiee, Ertl/AMT plastic Wookiee, Gamorrean guard, Boba Fett, and Oola (all four from "Jabba's Throne Room"), WEG/SW Rebel Commando.

The Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules are flexible enough to be used with any 20-30mm sci-fi miniatures. This is a list of some alternative 25mm figures that are generally compatible in style and/or scale with WEG's Star Wars miniatures. Many of these figures are out of production but still available from sources like eBay. For links to every company now producing sci-fi figures try The Miniatures Page by Bill Armintrout, the best collection of miniatures links and news on the web. For archival listings of out-of-production miniatures from many companies try The Stuff of Legends.

Other licensed Star Wars figures:

Other science-fiction gaming miniatures:

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Last updated 11-11-02 (minor update to description of WotC's miniatures).